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Black Pulse

1 3000x3000px 72dpi.jpg

Digital EP

Cat.No.:  PAL004   

Release Date : 05.11.2021


1. Alabama 04:34

2. Haiti 05:34

3. Shimmer 08:18


Black Pulse is pure rhythm. hypnotizing beats, percussive melodies and dark drones are produced live and transform into a driving soundscape of industrial, techno, dub, and roots music.


2 3000x3000px 72dpi.jpg

Digital EP
Cat.No.: PAL005
Release Date : 05.11.2021
1. ICH 08:29
2. DU 07:48
3. SIE 03:04

A hard and gloomy atmosphere envelops percussive melodies that are tonally outside the well-tempered mood. The structure of the tracks,
which Buenoventura figuratively describes as a spiral, creates the feeling of a state and less that of a loop.


3 3000x3000px 72dpi.jpg

Digital EP
Cat.No.: PAL006
Release Date : 05.11.2021
1. Oslo 04:05
2. Flux 04:26
3. Braten 04:02

The three tracks on Schneidewind's solo-debut “Beta EP” oscillate between ambient drones and
dubbed out beats. The texture of his processed and resampled electric bass ties these worlds together and creates a unique, sometimes eerie atmosphere.

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