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Lost Tracks

Format: CD / DDL
Release Date: 17.02.2023
Palazzo Recordings

Watch "Walk with me" here:


Watch "Agua" here:


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We have been playing techno with drums, bass and guitar for 15 years. During this time we have released ten albums, seven EPs and various singles and remixes. We have played around 500 concerts at clubs and festivals around the world.
For a lot of releases and shows we have had the opportunity to collaborate with great like-minded musicians. Some of these collaborations have been recorded but have not been available to the public until now.
Some of our most eclectic yet danceable tracks recorded as a trio also haven’t found their way to our audience yet. Although we usually focus on searching for new sounds in the future we now allow ourselves to find them in our past.
This is a compilation of “lost tracks” that have been waiting on our harddrives to be rediscovered and finally made available to you - Enjoy!


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