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Elektro Guzzi
Inner Scope


Rojin Sharafi

Phoebe Violet Quartett


Maria Orininskaya

Phoebe Violet

Lena Fankhauser

Zsofia Günther-Mészáros

Elektro Guzzi - Inner Scope

The techno live-band Elektro Guzzi breaks new ground with 'Inner Scope,' a collaborative project featuring the Phoebe Violet String Quartet and electronic musician Rojin Sharafi. This dynamic fusion blends classical and electronic music, creating tracks that seamlessly transition from concert halls to club environments.

The collaboration with the Phoebe Violet String Quartet introduces a classical dimension to Elektro Guzzi's signature techno sound, while Rojin Sharafi's electronic elements add complexity and texture. 'Inner Scope' invites listeners on a sonic journey where acoustic instruments converse with cutting-edge technology, offering an immersive experience that transcends musical genres.

Live performances featuring Elektro Guzzi, the Phoebe Violet String Quartet, and Rojin Sharafi are set to bring this innovative collaboration to global stages.

The full-length album 'Inner Scope' is scheduled for release in spring 2025. 

For booking Inner Scope live please contact:

worldwide: Reinhold Seyfriedsberger

italy: Paolo Visci

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