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Elektro Guzzi
Inner Scope


Rojin Sharafi 

Phoebe Violet Quartett


Maria Orininskaya  

Phoebe Violet

Lena Fankhauser

Zsofia Günther-Mészáros

Phase 1:                  Tickets

08.10.2023 Elektro Guzzi & Rojin Sharafi 

Phase 2:                  Tickets

24.10.2023 Elektro Guzzi & Phoebe Violet Quartett

Phase 3:                  Tickets

16.11.2023 Elektro Guzzi

& Rojin Sharafi & Phoebe Violet Quartett

In the fall of 2023, Elektro Guzzi presents its new project "Inner Scope" in collaboration with the Phoebe Violet String Quartet (Phoebe Violet, Maria Orininskaya, Lena Fankhauser and Zsofia Günther-Mészáros) and electronic musician Rojin Sharafi.
In a collaborative process, different sound worlds meet, combining the different approaches of all participants. We will open the working process to an interested audience on three exclusive evenings and thus provide an insight into the making of "Inner Scope".
The Westbahnstudios in Vienna offer the ideal setting for this project. Join the band on this musical journey through three exciting phases in which the composition "Inner Scope" is created.



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